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  • LIEBO(Shanghai) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of material handling equipment, material stacking equipment, warehousing and logistics equipment, electric forklift, new energy intelligent equipment; We choose the international metropolis Shanghai as the technology development center, modularize and integrate the product production process, rely on the strong radiation influence of Shanghai, combined with the advantages of high quality resources in the Yangtze River Delta, and successfully promote our products to the relevant industries around the world.

    LIEBO comprehensive market development characteristics, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, to meet customer demand as the center, combined with the demand of users working conditions, have developed different response products and differentiated products, "one of the high performance electric truck, electric stackers, mini electric forklift are the first industry".

    LIEBO practical solution to modern storage material handling and loading and unloading of efficient and practical, to provide our customers with high quality, all-round, permeable products and new energy equipment integrated solutions. Relying on efficient environmental protection and energy saving products to win the market, with mature and reliable industrial technical advantages, mature and reliable performance, extremely comfortable operation, practical for liebo every step of growth to lay a foundation, to win a good reputation of customers in the market.

    July 2015
    Brand new upgrade, "commitment", let ordinary witness great
    Sep 2017
    Continuous research and development, and constantly launch innovative star products
    In August 2019
    We will comprehensively improve intelligent manufacturing and integrated services for new energy equipment
    In October 2020
    Optimize user experience and comprehensively benchmark the mainstream level of the industry
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