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  • Talent strategy
    Respect people cultivate people to achieve people
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  • Talent strategy
  • Respect people cultivate people to achieve people

    LIEBO always adhere to the "create value, serve the society" as the mission, to "build and share safe, green, better life" as the vision, uphold the "customer as the core. Dream passion, honesty and pragmatism, innovation and excellence, self-criticism, win-win cooperation "core values.

    We always adhere to the talent concept of "respecting people, cultivating people and achieving people", advocate the employment culture of "struggle and contributor oriented", and help each employee to make appropriate career plans. The platform will be open to every employee in a fair and just manner. On the premise of respecting, promoting and motivating the needs of employees, we will continue to develop the potential of employees, achieve organizational goals and achieve a "win-win" cooperation between the company and employees through the management and optimization of the work system, employee knowledge and skills training and employee engagement promotion plan.

    Talent target
    The company always adheres to the mission of "creating value, serving the society", and takes integrity and law-abiding, win-win cooperation, advancing with The Times, and pursuit of excellence as its core values.
    Talent concept
    The company "adhering to the value of respect for talent, shaping talent quality, talent growth" purpose, people-oriented, concentric, to achieve the common development of the company and employees.
    Talent management
    The company pays attention to research and grasp the law of employees' growth and development, and continues to provide employees with education and training, multi-position training and opportunities to challenge themselves and realize their self-value, so as to cultivate and enhance the comprehensive quality and ability of employees in an all-round way.
    Talent incentive
    Through empowerment, the company can fully release the autonomy, initiative and creativity of employees, so that employees can get more challenges and fun in their work and growth.
  • Thinking

    Risk identification, market insight, continuous innovation, work leadership and self-execution


    Values, work style and conduct, discipline, emotional intelligence, love quotient


    Effectiveness and innovation of working methods, highlighting performance contribution and performance improvement

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