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  • Leasing Solutions
    LIEBO can provide flexible and changeable rental car model, including financial leasing and operating leasing, low rate, flexible and free, effectively solve the short-term capital turnover difficulties and stage peak problem.
    Financing lease
    Operating lease
    Strong adaptability
    Flexible adjustment of lease term and rent
    Flexible lease
    Long lease, short lease
    Low one-time investment
    The client only needs to pay the deposit and the agreed rent on time
    Flexible disposal of leased property
    After the end of the lease term, the client may choose to renew or withdraw the lease
    Lease management
    Establish a sound risk assessment and control system, and set up a special team to manage the leased property
    • Professional Leasing Management Team
      Professional Leasing Management Team
    • Lease Risk Assessment System
      Lease Risk Assessment System
    • Asset & Account Files Management
      Asset & Account Files Management
    • Leasing Insurance Management
      Leasing Insurance Management
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