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  • Fleet management
    The fleet management system using the Internet of Things technology bids farewell to the traditional vehicle management mode, and can grasp the dynamics of the fleet anytime and anywhere to achieve remote control and efficient operation.
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  • Fleet management
  • Fleet management
    The client's return
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    Operational efficiency
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    Four management functions
    With the group's Internet of vehicles, information technology and other technologies, the development of a new generation of forklift fleet management system, to help customer management more scientific and convenient
    System management
    (1) Vehicle monitoring: real-time monitoring of current, voltage, battery temperature, motor temperature, etc., to ensure no abnormal status.
    (2) Battery management: the battery management system with balancing function ensures that the battery is in normal working state and effectively extends the battery life.
    ③ Remote upgrade: The system automatically updates the terminal version and adds content.
    The efficiency of management
    ① Time statistics: record working hours and workload and generate statistical reports.
    (2) Efficiency analysis: intuitively understand the historical use data of the fleet, coordinate the configuration of vehicles, and reduce idle waste.
    ③ Efficiency assessment: automatically record working hours without manual statistics.
    (4) Lease status shows: the contract is about to expire, so the expiration reminder will be sent in advance.
    ⑤ Maintenance status display: maintenance progress can be checked, reasonable vehicle scheduling.
    Maintenance management
    ① Fleet management: customers can independently manage vehicles in the fleet.
    (2) Maintenance reminder: according to the working time and battery health and other factors to set the maintenance cycle, automatic reminder maintenance.
    ③ Current fault code: the system feedback code in time when abnormal.
    ④ Historical fault codes: keep the display of historical faults for targeted maintenance.
    ⑤ Point inspection, maintenance records: automatic preservation of historical records.
    ⑥ Statistical report: data report can be customized to provide data support for decision-making.
    Asset management
    ① Electronic fence: ensure the effective operation of vehicles in the designated area.
    (2) Terminal anti-disassembly: private disassembly terminal leads to limited vehicle functions, such as driving and lifting is very slow.
    ③ Real-time positioning: master the real-time position of the vehicle through GPS positioning.
    (4) remote car lock: illegal operation contact no fruit, can be forced to lock the car, the car can not start again after the lock.
    (5) Track playback: retrieve the historical running track of the vehicle to understand the dynamics.
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