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  • After-sales service

    Provide a series of services to meet customer needs.

    Product guarantee
    LIEBO professional after-sales service personnel to provide comprehensive maintenance and maintenance, including vehicle state detection, vehicle cleaning, wearing parts inspection, adjustment and replacement, vehicle hydraulic system debugging, powertrain check, etc., to solve the customer's car worries.
    Technical support
    LIEBO professional after-sales staff regularly organize customers to carry out product technical training, understand the relevant product structure, principle, performance, reasonable use of functions, familiar with the daily maintenance process, improve the use experience.
    1 hour quick response
    12 hour arrive at the scene
    24 hour handling fault
    72 hour to solve problems
    Contact your nearest service outlet.
    You can get in touch with sales and service outlets all over the country through the network to provide you with more services at any time.
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