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    LIEBO in the field of new energy environmental protection and energy saving, master the key core technology of new energy, including battery group technology, BMS battery management system, signal accurate measurement technology, battery state accurate estimation, battery balance control technology, charging technology, etc.. Reasonable charging method can prolong the life and improve the charging efficiency of lithium battery, which not only depends on the design and material of power battery, but also depends on the charging control strategy related to the charger.

    Research and development ability
    Independently complete the design and development of battery pack and module structure, electronic control system integration, software development and testing and verification, rely on SAIC to complete the development and application of BMS and CMU, master the core technology of new energy.
    The technical team
    Strong r & D technical team, rich industry experience, leading the industry battery system development ability.
    LIEBO lithium ion battery balance heavy forklift perfect integration of battery and BMS battery management system, and to achieve the depth of charging control strategy matching, for the new energy forklift to provide integrated solutions.
    Production and manufacturing
    With Module and Pack thermostatic production workshop, IP24, IP34 Module line, AS24 automatic, AS24 manual and AS26 automatic Pack line
    Quality assurance
    The products equipped with lithium ion battery have passed the QCT743, UN1642 and UN38.3 test certification * Battery module safety performance * Test mechanical performance tests * Environmental performance testing
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