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    LIEBO not only has the industry leading technical advantages in the field of battery systems, but also has the leading design and development and manufacturing capabilities in the field of electronic control motors, which has set the industry benchmark for the lithium electrification of industrial vehicles.

    The 100 km acceleration time is controlled within 5 seconds, which sets a new performance standard for the industry. Through the perfect ratio of high-power, high-speed twin motors and efficient turbocharged engines at the front and rear, the driving and control experience is refreshed and the 100km acceleration time is reduced to 4.5s.
    In the field of electric control, bidirectional inverter technology has been developed creatively by highly integrating the vehicle control technology, charge and discharge technology and motor control technology. The technology integrates the technologies of vehicle-to-grid discharge, vehicle-to-grid charging, vehicle-to-load power supply, vehicle-to-vehicle charging and discharge, and can adapt to the grid electricity system standards of different countries.
    These technologies and concepts have also been applied to the development and design of electric forklift products, and combined with the special needs of industrial vehicles for integration and innovation, to develop a high-performance electric forklift, with industry-leading battery, electric control, motor integration technology advantages.
    Equipped with the industry's advanced intelligent electronic control system, the unique wiring streamlined seal design, not only can effectively waterproof, but also enable the forklift in various working conditions according to the actual situation to make feedback, and enable it to achieve higher energy efficiency.
    Equipped with full AC asynchronous motor, with small volume, light weight, high efficiency, maintenance-free characteristics, avoid dc motor replacement carbon brush trouble, no more maintenance and maintenance; The high-power motor is equipped with excellent power assembly to achieve the perfect matching output of power, and the strong power is comparable to the fuel forklift.
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